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About Us

SK CLOTHING ENTERPRISE We have been the manufacturer, exporter of used clothing, secondhand clothing and old clothing in Malaysia since 2009. Factory is located in Malaysia Johor city, near to Pasir Gudang port and PTP sea port. We are exporting the our goods in our market as Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar Africa and so on.

Why Recycle?

Every tree produce oxygen for three human. Needed 17 to 31 trees to produce 1 ton of protogenesis glass fiber paper. On foundations statistics, in year 2008, about 3500tons rubbish disposed in Bahrain landfill. Recycle paper reduced 74% of air pollution and 35% of water pollution. Every recycling of aluminum can provide television energy supply about 3 hours. Recycled 1 ton of aluminum cans equal to 36 barrels of oil.

Recycling is an easy step you could help our environment in three main ways

1. Reduce the amount of rubbish sent to the landfill
2. Save energy and raw materials
3. Help tackle climate change

Used Clothes' Rags

These Wiper / Rags are cut from cotton T-Shirts material, All pin, button and zipper are *removed* There are literally hundreds of different types and styles of wiping cloths and rags. We've listed some of wiping clothes and rags categories which can be explained in full detail.

Used Clothes Origin In Malaysia

Malaysia situated between Indian Ocean and south China Ocean. Malaysia have a population of 22.7 millions within 3 major races, Chinese, Malay and India. Our local used clothes produce with most tropical clothing by reason of Malaysia has only season with torrid zone and rain forest all the year round.

Here are 7 good reasons why we should recycle:

1. Financial Income
2. Recycling helps conserve limited resources
3. Recycling is energy efficient
4. Recycling builds community
5. Recycling creates jobs
6. Recycling builds a strong economy
7. Recycling is Earth-friendly

What are the benefits of recycling?

We cannot sustain our consumerist lifestyle without getting inundated by garbage and exhausting the earth’s resources. The products that we use are wrapped in several layers of packaging material that are perfectly recyclable – plastic, aluminum, paper, tin, wood, etc. Solid waste disposal experts engage in an uphill struggle to contain this virtual avalanche of garbage we produce everyday. It is apparent that digging a hole, a landfill, is clearly not the answer. Sooner or later, the waste becomes uncontainable and will spill into our farming areas, forests, and water sources.